Being passionate about computers, I wanted to know more about the domain and I decided to learn several types of programming language during the last ten years. I started by learning the basics of programming in web development (html / css) then followed by my first PHP server language. Having learned this language allowed me to develop my skills in the field and deepen my knowledge in the field to improve and provide a successful work to my various clients. In 2016 I took a server Rust (Rust-Evolution), for a year it flourished and became a major server ~ 80 players online day to 120+ at the end of the day (French time). This one is now closed because of wrong choice in the selection of moderators who ended up destroying the reputation of the server … For two years now, I am in the development of plugins for rust, so I had to learn a another programming language to meet the needs of the moment, so I learned the C #.

My knowledge also extends to JAVA, JavaScript, MySQL, MSSQL, C ++