Read the terms and conditions of use before use content from Rust Evolution.

By using or purchasing any content from this website or directly from the owner of the content, you agree with the followed conditions :

A) Content

1. If you buy a map or a prefab package, you are not permitted to share or redistribute the content to any third-party for personal or commercial use in their own projects.

2. If a person obtains access to the content included on the site from anywhere other than the official website (, official discord server (Keirox Custom Maps) or directly from the owner himself (Keirox). That person is not authorized to use any of the content in any personal or commercial project.

B) Product Updates, bugs, and dependence on the game/editor updates

1. All products from this website are eligible for updates and changes. Things might change or adapt to be in-line with updates of the game (Rust) itself. If you purchased a plugin you can check for updates directly from your account page on this website.

2. Products, if are available to purchase, are stated as functional, but can always have some unexpected bugs or issues. Bugs and issues are treated and fixed as quickly as possible. You can help with this by reporting any bug or issues related to these products by contacting directly the owner.

3. Product, if available to purchase, are all stated as functional, but can be damaged/corrupted/modified by the third-party map editor (RustEdit) updates or updates from the game (Rust) itself. However we always try to repair/fix any broken content due to those tier updates and release updates for the product.

4. Considering the previous articles (2, 3 section B), By purchasing a product on the site ( ), you accept that the products might have some bugs. Instructions are all displayed inside the description of each product.

C) Refund

1. We will offer a refund only if the circumstance that you bought the same product more than once by mistake.

2. We do not offer a refund if you change your mind about your purchase.

3. According to articles 2, 3, and 4 section B, we do not offer a refund if you see that the product have some bugs/visual issues, or have been damaged by tier updates (the game itself, or the editor application, Rustedit)

However, we will provide our support and updates by repairing any broken/damaged product due to those tier updates. Reported bugs are usually fixed in the following days, and we will keep our products updated as much as possible.

D) Support

1. If you have any questions or issues with the product you purchased, problems trying to get it working on your server. We’ll be glad to help you. We will provide fast support, even faster on Discord (usually answer in less than 5min)

2. We want clients to be happy with what they buy. We’ll fix any issues or concerns with a custom map or prefab as quickly as possible depending on availability.

Last updated January 24, 2021