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This plugin is an add-on of LandClaimer.

This plugin require LandClaimer

Each time you gather in the a not owned land, you won loyalty points, at a certain amount of point (defined in the config file, you gain level.

Each level give you a bonus on a skill, that you have choose from the list:

Syntax: /skillloyalty <crafting|farming|quarrying|hunting|wood|smelting>

When you kill someone from a claimed zone, you loose points.

If you take bounty and kill the personn, you win points from every clans affected by the bounty:


If player A, killed member of ClanA, ClanB, ClanC, You can take a bounty on him from the bounty list (command: /loyalty)

Once you get the bounty activated, you can now kill Player A and you will win points against Clan A, Cland B and Clan C.


Syntax: /skillloyalty <crafting|farming|quarrying|hunting|wood|smelting>


4 reviews for LandLoyalty

  1. admin

    Version 1.0.5:
    Fixed NPC method that doesn’t exist anymore

  2. admin

    Version 1.0.4:
    -Fixed loading error with last clans version

  3. admin

    Version 1.0.4:
    Added command => /loyalty (display an UI)

  4. admin

    Version 1.0.0:
    -Original release

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