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A plugin that will display damage that players made on heli or bradley when they take it down.

Default lang file:

“NoPerm”: “You don’t have permission.”,
“NoRecord”: “No record found”,
“TopBradley”: “Top damage on bradley:”,
“TopHeli”: “Top damage on heli:”,
“Kills”: “{0}: {1} {2} dmg ({3} kill(s))”,
“TopDamage”: “{0}: {1} {2} dmg”

Console command :

dmgclear (only for admin)

Chat Command :

dmg (only for admin)

Permission :




  1. admin

    Version 1.1.6:
    -Fixe NRE OnEntityKill

  2. admin

    Version 1.1.3:
    -Fixed compiling error (ListHashSet)

  3. admin

    Version 1.1.1/2:
    -Fixed kills not count correctly for bradley and heli.

  4. admin

    Version 1.1.0:
    -Fixed kills not being count correctly on heli

  5. admin

    Version 1.0.9:
    -Fixed kills not being count correctly

  6. admin

    Version 1.0.7:
    -Fixed /dmg command

  7. admin

    Version 1.0.6:
    -Fixed some error and code cleanup

  8. admin

    Version 1.0.5:
    -Fixed Compilling error

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