WordPress claimer



Open a shop for your rust server using WordPress donation and give your player an advanced auto donation system.



-Your WordPress website must have a social login website that has Steam, without it, the plugin will not work.





  "Settings": {
    "IP Address": "",
    "Port": 3306,
    "UserName": "root",
    "Password": "",
    "Database Name": "rust-evolution_shop",
    "Wordpress Order Table Name": "_woocommerce_order_items",
    "Wordpress meta Table Name": "_postmeta",
    "Wordpress user meta Table Name": "_usermeta",
    "Use User Meta table": true,
    "Wordpress user profiles Table Name": "_wslusersprofiles",
    "Wordpress posts Table Name": "_posts",
    "Table Prefix": "wp",
    "Wordpress Post table": "_posts",
    "Enable Debug": false


If  you are using Super Socializer, please enable “Use User Meta table” value.


  "ChatSomethingWrong": "Something was wrong with your package, please ask an admin.",
  "ConsoleSomethingWrong": "Player '{0}' just try to get package {1} but something was wrong, please verify your data file.",
  "NothingToClaim": "You have nothing to claim.",
  "PackageUpdated": "Your wordpress database has been updated:n-order_id: {0}n-player_id: {1}"


Wordpress Configuration


  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Go to the Products tab and click Add New.
  3. Fill up your product name and the description.
  4. Set your product as Virtual and set a regular price
  5. Everything else can be left as default (empty)
  6. OPTIONAL In the right panel, set your Categories, Products tags, Product Image, and Product gallery.
  7. Once done, save it

Plugin data configuration


  1. Go to your rust data server folder.
  2. Open WordPressClaimer.json.
  3. By default, you’ll see these data pieces of information
   "Package": {
      "rust": {
         "Commands": {
            "chat": [
               "chat.say Player {0} has buy a vip package"
            "cmd": [
               "sr add {0} 4500",
               "o.usergroup add {0} vip1"
  1. You have to change the package name “rust” to the name you set in your product name when you had configured WordPress, it has to match the exact name, case-sensitive.
  2. Change the command to add anything you want.
  3. Under commands list, “chat” will contain every command that can be executed using the player name, used generally for information.
  4. Under commands list, “cmd” will contain every server command, which can be used to give permission, rank, group, or any server command.
  5. When setting the command list, don’t miss to keep the “{0}”, it will be used by the plugin to replace with the player name or player steam ID.


-Your WordPress website must have a social login website that has Steam, without it, the plugin will not work.

ACF Custom Fields (Gift Option)

You have to create a new field with basic options.

You can change Field Name, Field Label, and Instructions it doesn’t matter

8 reviews for WordPress claimer

  1. admin

    Version 1.0.7:
    -Added support for https://wordpress.org/plugins/oa-social-login/

    “WordPress user profiles Table Name” MUST BE SET TO “_users”
    “Use User Meta table” MUST BE SET TO false

  2. admin

    Version 1.0.6:
    -Added option to filter canceled and trash orders

  3. logistic (verified owner)

    I am very grateful that you are such a responsive developer.
    I asked about multiple items, and an hour later, he released an update.

  4. admin

    Version 1.0.3:
    -A fixed-function that will not give both items while multiple items are bought at a single payment

  5. pukka (verified owner)

    I’m really impressed with this developer, I had a couple issues at the start and he fixed everything. I gave him the suggestion about adding gifts and he implemented it really fast. I highly recommend this store.

  6. admin

    Version 1.0.2:
    -Added support for gift option.
    Need ACF Custom Field wordpress plugin.

  7. necronet (verified owner)


  8. admin

    Version 1.0.1:
    -Changed config system
    -Created function to add ‘taken’ column

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